5 August / 2020
Oceanic 5000 upgrade completed
MedPrise has completed the conversion of Oceanic 5000, previously a derrick/lay vessel (DLV), into an offshore energy installation platform.

The Oceanic 5000 is now being prepared for launch and operational service, after an upgrade and modernisation process that took three months to complete.

MedPrise identified Oceanic 5000 as a suitable vessel for upgrading for use as an offshore energy installation platform and the work was undertaken in April to June 2020.
MedPrise selected Oceanic 5000 because it offered immediate availability and was suitable for the necessary modifications and upgrades for conversion into an offshore installation platform.

MedPrise then embarked on in-depth vessel engineering surveys which determined that the Oceanic 5000 vessel required several modifications to fully comply with the project's technical challenges and requirements.

These upgrades included hull reinforcement, stinger modification, anchors replacement, crane strengthening and lateral davits replacement among other adjustments.
Mr Andrea Ciommiento, Head of Business Development at MedPrise said, "We are incredibly proud of the successful development of this project, which offers the offshore energy installation sector a timely addition to its working fleet."