Oceanic 5000
MedPrise identified Oceanic 5000, a derrick/lay vessel (DLV), for modification and upgrading for use as an offshore energy installation platform. The vessel is currently undergoing a modification process, until fully ready for launch and operation.
Oceanic 5000 was a DLV equipped with a heavy lifting crane as well as a pipe laying system.
MedPrise identified Oceanic 5000 as a suitable vessel for upgrading for use as an offshore energy installation platform. The vessel satisfied the following conditions:
  • Immediate availability
  • Technical suitability for modifications and upgrades to convert to an offshore installation platform.
Additionally, the choice of the primary contractor to modify, upgrade, maintain and operate the vessel was influenced by the following factors:
  • Willingness to cooperate with the project
  • Pricing within the project budget
  • Availability on modify-and-hire terms.
Based on these requirements, MSH Ship Management was engaged as a contractor to modify the vessel.
The in-depth vessel engineering surveys determined that the following adjustments were deemed necessary for the Oceanic 5000 vessel to fully comply with the project's technical challenges and requirements:

Crane upgrade for heavy lift installation of up to 5,000 tons:
1. Hull reinforcement
2. Stinger modification
3. Stinger sand ship reinforcement
4. Stinger load cells and cameras
5. Adaptation of gas network and power upgrade
6. Tensioners upgrading
7. Compressed air system upgrade
8. Lateral davits replacement
9. Anchors replacement
10. Upgrade of firing line to 60-inch pipes

The vessel was successfully modified over April to June 2020 and is currently being prepared for launch and operational service.